Multi-Family Services and Rates

//Multi-Family Services and Rates
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Guidelines for Weekly Recyclables, Organics, and Landfill Waste

Download Service Guidelines (PDF)

On-Premises Clean-Up

If you are a multi-family complex of five or more units and/or have centralized collection, please contact us to arrange for an on-premises clean-up. We will remove the equivalent of 0.5 cubic yards per dwelling unit of discarded materials (see below).

If you live in a small complex of two to four units and/or do not have centralized/shared collection, please click here to review program information.

Note: Please ensure all items discarded through this program are non-reusable. If they are reusable, please contact for information on how to dispose of reusable items.

  • Area and floor rugs

  • Mattresses

  • Appliances

  • Electronic Waste (including all handheld electronic devices, computers, TVs, smoke detectors, electrical cables/cords, Christmas lights, hearing aids, GPS systems, stereos, office equipment, DVD players and VCRs)

  • Universal Waste (including TVs, computers, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers and thermostats, and fluorescent lamps)

  • Textiles

  • Tires without rims

Multi-Family Collection Monthly Rates- Effective October 1, 2018

Container Size Landfill Waste: 1x/week Service Organics: 1x/week Service
32 Gallon Cart $60.98 N/A
64 Gallon Cart $71.42 N/A
96 Gallon Cart $97.51 $91.11
1.5 CY Bin $291.56 $157.87
2 CY Bin $340.01 $198.33
3 CY Bin $485.66 $276.27
4 CY Bin $582.58 $355.19
6 CY Bin $727.66 N/A
  • Please call the office to obtain rates for multiple service days.
  • Recycling saves money. Our Outreach team will work with your business to establish services to met the needs of your complex. Please contact our outreach team here for a free Recycling Opportunity Assessment.
  • Fees may apply when containers are overloaded, contaminated with unpermitted materials, and for cart exchanges/replacements.

About Our Rates

SCRR’s competitive rates are adjusted annually based on a refuse rate index as provisioned in our contract with the Town of Windsor.  This allows SCRR to cover costs to provide your waste services and maintain compliance with all regulations.