Multi-Family Services and Rates

//Multi-Family Services and Rates
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Guidelines for Weekly Recyclables, Organics, and Landfill Waste

Download Service Guidelines (PDF)

On-Premises Clean-Up

If you are a multi-family complex of five or more units and/or have centralized collection, please contact us to arrange for an on-premises clean-up. We will remove the equivalent of 0.5 cubic yards per dwelling unit of discarded materials (see below).

If you live in a small complex of two to four units and/or do not have centralized/shared collection, please click here to review program information.

Note: Please ensure all items discarded through this program are non-reusable. If they are reusable, please contact for information on how to dispose of reusable items.

  • Area and floor rugs

  • Mattresses

  • Appliances

  • Electronic Waste (including all handheld electronic devices, computers, TVs, smoke detectors, electrical cables/cords, Christmas lights, hearing aids, GPS systems, stereos, office equipment, DVD players and VCRs)

  • Universal Waste (including TVs, computers, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers and thermostats, and fluorescent lamps)

  • Textiles

  • Tires without rims

Multi-Family Collection Monthly Rates- Effective October 1, 2018

Container Size Landfill Waste: 1x/week Service Organics: 1x/week Service
32 Gallon Cart $60.98 N/A
64 Gallon Cart $71.42 N/A
96 Gallon Cart $97.51 $91.11
1.5 CY Bin $291.56 $157.87
2 CY Bin $340.01 $198.33
3 CY Bin $485.66 $276.27
4 CY Bin $582.58 $355.19
6 CY Bin $727.66 N/A
  • Please call the office to obtain rates for multiple service days.
  • Recycling saves money. Our Outreach team will work with your business to establish services to met the needs of your complex. Please contact our outreach team here for a free Recycling Opportunity Assessment.
  • Fees may apply when containers are overloaded, contaminated with unpermitted materials, and for cart exchanges/replacements.

About the New Rates

The Town of Windsor recently selected Sonoma County Resource Recovery (SCRR) to be the new waste services provider through a competitive process. Service rates had not kept pace with the cost to provide those services. To comply with new regulations created to reduce waste and divert resources from the landfills, we needed to invest in new equipment, systems, and programs. It was also imperative that we improve workers’ wages so they can more easily support their families. These new rates will create greater sustainability and a better quality of life for residents and employees to live and work.

SCRR is committed to helping you keep resources out of the landfill. For the month of October, we are waiving the fees for recycling services while our Diversion Coordinator works with you to we help you to make sure you have the appropriate level of garbage, recycling and organics services.