Oversize and Excess Cardboard Services From Sonoma County Resource Recovery

Due to the decreased seasonal demand of oversized and excess cardboard and due to the increase of contamination from garbage being placed in these containers, SCRR will be reducing the amount of containers for cardboard collection throughout the Town. During the low demand time we will reduce containers to one at the Public Works yard, one at the corner of Windsor River Rd and Windsor Rd, one at the community center and one at Huerta Gym. At this time we will be removing the container from Esposti Park.

Have you been wondering,
Why the switch to the new recycling carts?

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Residential Customers

Some of you are struggling with the change from a single- to dual-stream system that requires keeping fiber away from other materials. This system is primarily the result of system design parameters we had to work within, but our approach is supported by the commodities markets. If you’re interested in learning more, please see this article from CNN Money.

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Multi-Family Customers

We have been able to have some great conversations with many of you and have been productively engaged in setting up systems that will work a bit better for your particular complex.

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Commercial Customers

We are still actively reaching out to each of you, especially those of you who have recycling already. If we’re playing phone tag or otherwise haven’t been able to connect, please call our office to schedule a site visit with a member of our outreach team.

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Thank you for your patience while we upgrade your services and create a model of environmental and economic sustainability in Windsor.

Contacting Us

Please call our customer service at 707-795-7470.