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COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of our employees and customers is a top priority at Sonoma County Resource Recovery (SCRR).  During this time SCRR will continue to provide normal services as an essential service in our communities.  While our drivers will be out in the community, we thank  you for your help and patience.

Driver Health and Safety

In order to keep our drivers healthy and on the road, you can help by remembering the following guidelines:

  • By properly setting out your cart our automated truck drivers will not need to handle your carts decreasing the change of exposure to and spreading of the virus.
    • Carts should be spaced with 3 feet between containers and 5 feet between carts and other obstacles.
    • Carts must have at least 16 feet of overhead clearance (trees, overhead wires, etc.).
    • Carts should not be overfilled.  The lids on all carts must close completely.
      • If you have excess waste, please contact customer service at (707) 795-7470 to schedule an extra pick up or bag set out.  There will be a charge for this service.
  • Drivers are not used to seeing children in the streets during school hours. Please warn your children to watch for SCRR trucks, and to completely avoid SCRR collection operations while servicing your home or any home.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives will continue to answer inquiries from our customers.  SCRR in-person payment centers will be closed while sheltering is in place. Our ability to answer calls will likely be impacted with higher call volumes anticipated. We therefore ask the following:

  • Please use our website as a place to get information and email our customer service representatives (info@sonomacorr.com) of non-critical items.  This will keep our phone lines available for critical needs.
  • Please be patient.  We will respond to voicemails within 24 hours.

You may notice a variance from standard collection times due to impacts from waste generation shifting from commercial to residential customers during sheltering orders. However, we will make collections on your regularly scheduled collection day, so please refrain from calling the office to report a perceived missed collection, unless and until you experience a true missed collection where SCRR has failed to collect your waste by 6pm on your collection day.

Governor Newsom supports the split recyclables cart! https://www.waste360.com/legislation-regulation/california-governor-signs-dual-stream-recycling-bill-law

See why Windsor switched to dual-stream recycling.

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What is the holiday collection schedule? Find the answer to this question and other FAQs.

Residential Customers

Some of you are struggling with the change from a single- to dual-stream system that requires keeping fiber away from other materials. This system is primarily the result of system design parameters we had to work within, but our approach is supported by the commodities markets. If you’re interested in learning more, please see this article from CNN Money.

Click here for residential service guidelines.

Multi-Family Customers

We have been able to have some great conversations with many of you and have been productively engaged in setting up systems that will work a bit better for your particular complex.

Click here for multi-family service guidelines.

Commercial Customers

We are still actively reaching out to each of you, especially those of you who have recycling already. If we’re playing phone tag or otherwise haven’t been able to connect, please call our office to schedule a site visit with a member of our outreach team.

Click here for commercial service guidelines.

Thank you for your patience while we upgrade your services and create a model of environmental and economic sustainability in Windsor.

Contacting Us

Please call our customer service at 707-795-7470.